Work from home on the internet for the extra Money

Work from home for extra income

Yes it is possible to earn at least half of your income online. Whatever profession you are in your skills are in demand online. There are a few ways you can earn online. Here a few ways.

Internet the place for designers – Whether you know software or not internet is the place for designers. You can earn a healthy income sitting at your computer and delivering designs to corporates. Either you can use Photoshop or can just use pen and paper and scan. It works both ways and earnings are good. So designers do not lose this part where you can earn while working as per your own timeline.

Software professionals – You know how to make websites and applications, then internet is the place for you. There are more opportunities for you than any. Lots of money is just lying there. Just need to pick up. So get started today.

Language skilled people – This is real fun. You might be working anywhere and are an avid reader and a moderately good writer, but did you know that this can used to earn money. Well I am earning now using my skills as a writer to write online content. People are willing to pay. Also I have managed to learn some cool stuff which helps me do things which are amazing. Acknowledgement for my articles is the silver lining.

Christmas Saving Throughout the Year


Christmas in Australia this year is a financially secure one, so going to enjoy my Christmas day on the Beach

A Happy Christmas To All

I thought about writing this post sometime in July but as you can see I did not get around to it, so as I  prepare for a financially happy Christmas I thought I would share how I got here.

First off I would like to thank Money Mummy for a post she did in 2014 that got me thinking, planning and acting. So much of what she said made sense. so during the year I have planned and made a conscious effort to be financially ready for Christmas and the summer holidays.

  • Throughout the year, every 2 month to be exact I have had a house clean out and sold the stuff on local FB pages where advertising is free. I have also been to a local car boot a number of times selling some of my jams and cakes alongside my second-hand goods.
  •  I decided in january that I could afford a little each week so I decided to order from Chrisco but then realised I would be better putting the $40 a month into a specified savings account. I did not want the cash at home or vouchers as I would be tempted to ‘dip in’ I know myself too well.  I still think Chrisco is a viable option it was just there wasn’t anything really there we used.
  • I looked at a couple of bank options and decided to go with Beyond Bank and very happy I am with it. I did not use the money until this month and have a nice little bit interest on top. The money is not just for christmas as the summer holidays are a drain on my budget but we have money for some nice trips now.
  • I also kept my eye in the last couple of months on online sales and sites like Catch of the day, once I know what I wanted to buy and for who ( made the list in August-go me!) I could look out for bargains and three for two offers.
  • These last few weeks I have been adding some extra treats into my weekly shop so i don’t have a huge shopping visit to do for Christmas-I hate shopping at that time, not only the money outlay but how busy and stressful it can be.

My christmas is already planned and so is 2016’s, got a few new ideas for next year’s savings tell you more when I put them into operation.

Have a Happy Holiday Everyone. 


Tips for Dating Frugally

Frugal date

Hi to  all readers. I had an excellent date which I talked about in the last post. But there was a flip side. I spent a lot on the date and it has affected my budget. It is really hard when you are single, which means just one source of income. Well I pondered over it and came up with excellent ways to manage expenses while dating.

  • Emphasize on romance and not expensive dinner – Your dating partner will also appreciate this. Pay more attention to romancing. Choose places like parks, museums and sea shores for meeting. Not only it is more romantic but also frugal.
  • Go trekking together –  Romance always increases when you are alone. The most inexpensive way is to go trekking together. In the wilderness you will find peace and happiness and the love will get sweeter.
  • Cook Together – Yes folks involving in cooking is really relaxing way to date. Both of you in kitchen alone talking over a dish is one of the best way to bond. It also does not lighten your purse.
  • Buy wine from a winery – Instead of spending on wine from pubs, go on a tour of the local winery. You will be surprised at the cost difference. Buy from the winery and enjoy the drink in cosy room of your apartment.
  • Build something together – You can go ahead and show him/her your creative side by building a coffee table or a fence around the house. This will help you spend time together and also does not affect your bank balance much.

Dating when a single parent.

E-harmony au a great site for getting to meet others people -look out for registration deals.

Look out for their special offers re registration.


I had a date last week; yep I actually took the plunge and went on one. Now I had been thinking it was time I joined the dating world again but like thousands of women in my position I was not sure how to. I looked at online dating sites and decided to try e-harmony as they had a few offer on at that time. I found it not too intimidating, and some of the responses where interesting so after a lot of debate with my best mate I decided to go out with someone. That decided, next question, what to wear? Not really got going out togs anymore and not got the cash to fork out for new clothes. So I did what every penny counting mum does I went to some car boots and looked online. Not a lot of charity shops around me (maybe I should start one!!) but found the Poepke  site, it is pretty good for designer gear but still a little pricey for me. I actually got some fabulous shoes from a car boot and a lovely bag but still had not resolved the clothes! Then had a brain wave – borrowing! That would be so much better than buying but who to borrow from. I sat down and had a bit of a brainstorm and decided that I would ask friends and family. To keep my idea from sounding like begging I proposed it as an economical idea to get the best out of an outfit and ring the changes in what was available to wear. I called some girlfriends over to chat about this idea and it sort of grew. In the end we used a friend’s spare room and donated outfits we had outgrown, disliked or were willing to share. A couple of us (handy with a sewing machine) made a few alterations here and there to update the clothes and we now have a selection of going out wear in various styles and sizes. Now having got into the spirit of this, a few of us go out and about looking for cheap or second-hand accessories to go with the outfits. We are charging a few dollars to borrow the outfits and they have to be brought back clean and the money made is buying more.

This has worked for us at this moment tin time when we are all economizing, it is fun and to be honest allows me to spend time with some grownups doing grown up things, it helps we are all good friends and we are now also looking at what else we could use communally that will help us – especially thinking about the kids, I will let you know If anything comes of it.

Before I go I had planned to write this blog on what payments there are for Single parents but this site tells you everything and I suggest you follow the link and take a look for yourself.

Managing Expenses smartly

Being a single parent and then managing the expenses is a challenge. However it becomes more and more important as you are the only earning member. The personal finance management has to be done smartly.

Managing Expenses

  • Change the Approach to saving – Most of us will save what is left after expenses, following the general rule of Saving = Income – Expenditure. Right is it not? However the approach should be to manage expenses and not the savings. The correct approach is Expenses = Income – Savings. Looks odd but is the right way. Try and you will be managing expenses the smart way. Always save a percentage of your income, and you will be comfortable and not live from end to end.
  • Buy Life Insurance – As a single parent it becomes more essential to buy insurance for your life commonly called life insurance. There are many products in the market, but go for term insurance. It costs less and is pure insurance. Do not mix investment with safety.
  • Medical Insurance – Medical insurance is a must as you will have fewer resources on you. Starting young will help you save on high premium.
  • Have a emergency fund – Always have around 3 months expenses worth money in your bank. It will help you sleep peacefully and is a good management technique to manage expenses in case of loss of earnings for a period of time.
  • Do not buy Depreciating assets on loans – Only buy assets whose price increases with time like house/property. Buying car and other consumer durable on loan is not a good financial move. Instead save money and buy the durable.

Divorce and keeping your dignity.

divorce is not easy, financial settlements even harder

It has happened, whatever the cause, you are now a single parent and all it entails. Scary isn’t in it, terrifying more like. Questions like how will I cope? How will I afford…anything? These and more buzz around in your head all the time. while there is now more people talking about single parenthood is still has an element of stigma attached to it.

In Australia more than 24% of single parents are living with the poverty line, so add that to the burden of being stigmatised and it adds us to a whole lot of stress. Parenting is never easy but when suddenly there is only one of you its gets extremely hard. That is not too say there are not some elements of pleasure within it, even joy. JK Rowlings author of the Harry Potter book series has said, ‘I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life. Yes, I got off benefits and wrote the first four Harry Potter books as a single mother, but nothing makes me prouder than what Jessica told me recently about the first five years of her life: “I never knew we were poor. I just remember being happy.’

If anyone tells you divorce is easy, do not take it on board. Nothing about custody and financial arrangments are easy. Here are a couple of things I learnt along the way:

  • Try to keep your dignity, don’t get caught up in squabbles, shouting matches and the blame wars.
  • Try to use lawyers as little as possible.
  • Let go of the inconsequential things, who gets what in terms of bookcases etc, not worth the hassle.
  • Make clear financial payment times and amounts, does it include day care monies or holiday money.
  • Make a cut off point, even in your own head. That is the point were you realise that you will get nowhere other than exhausting yourself of energy, motivation and cash ( lawyers cost!)
  • Ensure you find out your entitlements re money from various sources, don’t accept only one word on what they are.

I was fortunate that I could afford a loan when I first found myself as a single parent, it helped me move and furnish a place and keep within the budget I had set, the payments being included in that budget, I found this set agreement far more benefical than keeping my credit card, which I gladly gave back to my ex. Take a look at loans from Ferratum if you think this is something that could help you move on.

Credit card and the single parent

Single parents are more likely to get into the debt trap of credit card. The child asks for something expensive and you swipe the card. Be careful, this behavior will end up in a debt soup.

Credit Card Bane or Boon

Credit Card Bane or Boon


Why should you care about this? Well take some cue from what I experienced. Credit card becomes a pain in the neck if not used wisely. Missing a payment will cost dearly. The interest rates are not very high but we never pay the full amount and that is the cliché.

Take for an example a situation. This will clarify what I am trying to tell. You are in a shopping mall and have $200 with you and are not carrying credit card. Your son asks for an expensive toy. You cannot buy it as it is $300. The spending is limited and you save the $300. Suppose you had the credit card. You would have been led to buy it. The thought would be “come on I can pay later”. That  is the mistake we make. You have spent more than your budget and will have to pay later. The expenses that a credit card leads you to are not required.

But does this mean you should not use the credit card at all. No, credit is a very useful financial instrument if used judiciously. But for purchases outside of emergency or things you really need use cash. It will save you thousands of dollars every year. Believe me it is true. Just try for a month and realise the benefits.



Second job vs family time

This is an age old question, and one that has crossed the mind of many a single parent. It can be difficult trying to run a household and ensure that your child gets everything they need, especially if you are a single parent and the only earning member of the family. Taking up a second job might ease your financial troubles, but it might also cut down on the kind of family time you get to spend with your child. What do you do in this situation?

Taking up a second job?

No matter how old your child is, it is important for you to be around to help them with their life. These childhood memories and support systems will shape their lives forever, after all. But financial troubles can also be crippling. If you feel like you do not have the financial support necessary to raise a child as a single parent, you can try reaching out to the government or a number of organizations who will certainly be willing to help. If you feel that a second job will still help your cause, try taking up a job that requires you to work little hours, or one that will help you work from home. This way, you can spend time with your child/children, without losing a revenue stream.

3 Easy Steps to Ensuring your Child’s Education

Raising children is the biggest challenge of being a single parent. The biggest challenge is education of the child. It is really expensive.

Funding Education

Proper planning and investment can help you get rid of these worries. It is not rocket science, you just need to follow simple 3 step plan.

  • Find out How much is needed – The first step is to determine how much the education costs. Do not wait for the child to grow up. Prices increase by 40 percent in 5 years. Make estimates for school costs after 5 years and University Costs after 18 years. This will help you to make plans for gathering that much of money.
  • Know about Financial aid – There are many options available, especially for single parents. You can look out for loans and grants from the government. True that will not take care of all. However even a little can help. For college you can look out for scholarship options.
  • Arranging the Money – The most difficult part is to come up with the money. Raising a child will hardly leave you with money. So, the best thing is to insure your child’s education. Whatever little you save put it into a saving account. Do not worry about low interest rate. After 6 months look for a good insurance plan which pays the money and go ahead and invest.

Taking above steps you will be able to access the costs and plan for the future. It does help to have a plan.

Holiday Gifts and the Single Parent

singel parents can still enjoy christmas.

Single parents often dread Christmas. This time of year highlights the financial hardships of the previous 12 months as gift giving spreads from relatives to co-workers. Life would be so much easier if you could simply opt out, but we all know how doing so can be fodder for the office gossips, at best, or ruin your chances for promotion. Alternatives to buying gifts for coworkers abound, if you can plan ahead.

You will need:

  • Plastic frozen juice containers
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fabric scraps, origami or tissue paper, or anything else you can use to cover the containers.

All you need to do is clean the juice containers and hot glue the fabric, tissue paper or origami paper to the containers. You have just made pencil or pen holders using items you would have discarded. If you want, you can add fringe, beads, scrapbook charms or other decorations. If you children would like gifts for their teachers, they can choose which components to add to their juice containers. They can use a craft glue to attach their fabric or tissue paper, instead of risking burns from the hot glue gun.

The holidays needn’t create more stress or financial hardship if you use your innate creativity.  If you start collecting containers in August, you’ll have sensible gifts by November’s end, and your children will have a great lesson in recycling, repurposing, and alternative gift giving!